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“FARMPASS makes it easy for us to track ticket sales, run reporting, and customers find the email they receive super easy! We love that tickets can either be redeemed by employees or at the ticket booth by customers. I also love the support we receive from the FARMPASS/MazePlay team. Any questions we have are promptly answered!” -Deep Roots

How will FARMPASS make my life easier?

You are busy and need something to make your life easier not harder. FARMPASS can help improve your business in so many ways.


Is my online ticketing system going to be easy for me to use?

A robust ticketing system may be intimidating to set up. We will personally walk you through the set up process, and train you to use the system.


Is there a way to make my marketing more effective?

Yes! Here are 7 reasons why FARMPASS can help your marketing be more effective.


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$350 annual hosting fee + 3% of online ticket sales up to the annual cap of $10,000




How it Works

You sell your tickets online. 3% of your ticket sales will be billed to you the first week of the following month. This repeats until you have hit your cap for the year.




FARMPASS works with Square! Plus many other payment processors!

We Understand!

We get it! We owned a corn maze! FARMPASS was created because of the frustrations that you feel as a maze owner.

FARMPASS has 25 years of experience in the industry, has run and owned a corn maze, and has helped our customers sell millions of tickets.Our agrientertainment background helps us understand your needs and how we can create a better system for you.We take our customer service very seriously and do our best to adapt our system to meet your needs.Family is a big part of agritourism, and we want to do all we can to help you create a successful legacy for your family.