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Is there a way to make my marketing more effective?

Yes! Here are 7 reasons why FARMPASS can help your marketing be more effective.

  1.  Impulse buying

• The customer can purchase tickets online the moment they see the ad.

2. Commit to come

  • People are more likely to come if they prepurchase tickets. Stop losing potential customers by waiting to sell tickets at the gate.

  • Selling date-specific tickets commits customers to prepur- chase, because they know their spot is reserved.

    3. Tickets are easier for your customer to buy

• Online ticketing gives your customers more opportunity to act on your marketing. They see your ad, they click the “buy now” button, and they can immediately buy tickets.

4. Running promotions, flash sales, and preselling

• Online ticketing opens up so many marketing options. Promot- ing coupons and preselling tickets can really increase your marketing efficiency.

5. Dynamic pricing

• Setting dynamic pricing for slow vs. busy days allows you to sell more tickets on the slow days and garnish higher revenues on the busy days.

6. Track your marketing trends for success

• FARMPASS allows you to track which marketing methods are the most effective.

7. Capture customer email and phone information

• FARMPASS captures customer email and phone numbers at the time of purchase to use for low cost future marketing campaigns.