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Is Farmpass my best option?


We are specifically designed for Agritourism!

  • Farm-based not event-based: Ticket clerks don’t have to switch between screens for different events to redeem tickets. All tickets can be redeemed from the same screen.

  • Group ticketing redemption: Redeem a whole group instantly or partial groups as they come.

  • Easy season passes where customers upload their own photos.

  • Quick and easy ticket redemption with Quick-Touch redemption

    on your customers phone or easliy scan tickets with your iOS or Android device.


  • Don’t penalize your custom- ers for buying online by passing the cost on to them.

  • Too many maze owners don’t aggressively sell online because of ticketing costs. FARMPASS is priced afford- ably enough to sell all your tickets online.

  • FARMPASS ticketing fees are FREE after you reach your annual cap.

Customer Service

  • Our call center is us!

  • We are a small office.

    We only do farm ticket- ing, so we can offer personalized service just for you.

  • FARMPASS will help you set up your ticket- ing and will quickly respond to concerns or problems you may have.